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Peachanda Dubose Presents The Gospel Stage Play
"Even A Wretch Like Me"
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from Winston Salem, North Caralina
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Even A Wretch Like Me

Even A Wretch Like Me: Mrs. E a widow and cancer survivor, has many Struggles of her own, her two sons are facing the most challenging times of their lives, but through it all, she remains the source of strength for her sons, and the glue to hold her family together. However, this is far from the end of his story…

Even A Wretch Like Me, the gospel stage play that shows,  no matter how far you’ve gone in life, and no matter what you have done in life, God’s love is unconditional….

This production brings about a message of Hope and Positive change. Be certain that you will see yourself, someone you know, someone you love... in this gospel stage play.

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