"Turner Online Presents 2008" Creates solutions in an effort to revolutionize how we view worldwide events by utilizing the Internet to maximize audience viewing potential for live Concerts, Musical Stage Plays, Stand-Up Comedy, Church Events, Festivals etc. and at the same time, save you, the viewer, lots of money.

Promoters, Artist, Directors, Event Planners, We have the solution that enables you to sell many more seats than the venue you're presently performing in, a completely new idea for the industry by creating a significant new revenue stream. At the same time, it provides fans access to their favorite artist no matter how far away they are, for example: your venue holds 2,000 seats, a sell out is 2,000 seats, but now you have a choice to increase your viewing audience and revenue stream with Turner Online Presents using our Turner Pay Per View Online System.

Step out of the box with us for a moment, say 100,000 pay per view transactions are sold online - worldwide - all in one night - streaming your Live Event to 100,000 viewers, you'll have to promote 50 shows to match the viewership of what "Turner Online Presents" can do in one night. (before you plan your next tour, all celebrity artist and labels should contact us for this new opportunity!!!)

Customers who have paid the Pay Per View Online fee, your access pass is good for (1) one view only.

Promoters, Event Planners, You can promote and advertise your event, we have the technology to service your viewing audience online.

We can also set up a special web promotional package for your event. We have a Internet marketing sales force now reaching 10+ million people nationwide and building more each day, also we are developing a global Internet marketing sales force to reach 100+ million people. This service is so new and different, No promoter or artist should pass this opportunity up.

Internet Companies, Web Marketers, interested in joining our sales force making commission for each pay per view online customer you direct & connect! contact us for more info.

Coming soon! We will offer repeat viewing - VOD, Video on demand.

If interested in placing your event on Turner Online Presents please e-mail us.

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