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1st Urban Inspirational Stage Play - A True Story
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Written By: William "Big Worm" Blount
Starring: An All-Star Band and All-Star Cast
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In the mid 1980’s, a drug known as “CRACK COCAINE” was introduced into the urban areas all across America. The use of this drug turned many well to do communities into drug infected ghettos. All hope was lost for many, but hope was not lost for all. Dick, an optimistic, 28 year old, gifted and talented singer/musician from Paterson, NJ. Lived most of his life with his family in the urban community, known as the “Alabama Projects” Where the effects of the epidemic are prevalent, but his strong church roots and his hopes of success for the EWP Family Band, keeps Dick focused on the path of success, despite the fact that he has tuberculosis.
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Gary "Lil G" Jenkins from Silk
Shavon Gihan from "College Hill"
Desmond Pringle, Gospel Recording Artist
DENNIS “DA MENACE” WHITE is a multifaceted performer who has excelled to equal greatness as an actor, rapper, singer, and host. Performing for live audiences since age 5, Dennis’ natural charisma and innate talent have brought him national recognition and notoriety-Look for him in "NOTORIOUS"
Los low rider drum set
Curtis Blake from Tyler Perry's "Diary of a Mad Black Women"
William "Big Worm" Blount
Kern Brantley
Tony Royster, Jr
Drum products for Lou Rider Creations
Samantha McSwain - Gospel Artist, Actress
Rapper, Hip Hop Artist - Bone Crusher
Carlos McSwain drummer for Snoop Dogg
Strings Of Poverty
Teaser Spot
Shavon Gihan from
College Hill
Desmond Pringle with
SECC Mass Choir
Curtis Blake from "Diary Of A Mad Black Woman"
"Buster" video
Tony Royster Jr & Jay -Z 
( drum solo )
Big Worm, Carlos McSwain and the band SEVEN Backing up Monica
Dick’s, ambitious personality as well as his drive, had a positive influence on everyone around him, especially his younger brother Worm. At the age of 23, Worm is also gifted in music, and once shared the same dream of musical success. Although Worm was inspired by Dick’s “never give up” attitude, he had a tendency to follow behind their drug dealing brother, Wa’kim.
Wa’kim (aka Fighter), at 32, has witnessed the demise of his surroundings from a different perspective than Dick. He strongly believes that the government is behind this destructive narcotic epidemic. He only dreams of keeping his family from being bound by strings of poverty, and sees selling drugs as the way out of the ghetto.
Because of Worm’s loyalty to both his brothers, he is torn between choosing the road of hard knocks or musical stardom. Then a family Tragedy Strikes... Worm, now has to decide between superstardom and hustling on the block. Three brothers, 2 path’s, 1 choice, which one will he choose? Find out on May 23, 2009 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.

Strings Of Poverty, puts a live band on stage as the main character with some of the most respected musicians in the music industry. Starring the Band: Lead vocals, Lead Guitar - GARY "Lil G" JENKINS from Silk, Madea's Family Reunion / Drums, Vocals - CARLOS McSWAIN drummer for Aaliyah, J-Holiday, Monica, Snoop Dogg and many  more/ Bass Guitar, Musical Director - KERN BRANTLEY  from "backing everyone in the industry" / Keyboards - CHRISTOPHER MOTEN from J-Holiday, Lil Wayne / Drums, Vocals - TONY ROYSTER, JR. drummer for Jay-Z. Starring the Cast: Gospel Artist, Actress - SAMANTHA McSWAIN from "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" / Actor, Recording Artist, Hip Hop Artist, TV Host - DENNIS “DA MENACE” WHITE from movies D-Roc in "NOTORIOUS", TuPac in “Seventh Son”, Thug in “The Brave One” “Law & Order”, “The Jury”, and “Third Watch” / Actress, Model - SHAVON GIHAN from "College Hill" / Gospel Recording Artist, Actor - DESMOND PRINGLE from "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" / Actress, Gospel Artist - SHAMEQUA PORTER from "A Fool For Love" as Cookie /  Custom Drum designer - LOU RIDER for Snoop Dogg, Tommy Lee, Bone Thugs, Strings of Poverty and many more.
Strings Of Poverty, is a true story about the life of William "Big Worm" Blount, where never giving up on a dream or the people that helped to get you there! 

Strings Of Poverty, will leave you wanting more, the music, the acting, the singing, the Hip Hop, the band is un-believable!
Da 1st Urban Inspirational Stage Play Eva! 
Based On A True Story!
Carlos Mcswain & Chris Moten jamming with the Francisco Fattoruso 
group at cafe290
EBS Artists Tommy Brown & Kern Brantley NAMM 2008
Lou Rider custom drum designer for Strings of Poverty
Samantha McSwain singing
I Won't Complain
Big Worm, Carlos McSwain and the band SEVEN
Martin Luther King, Jr, International Chapel
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